Into the Night


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Prologue: end of AtS 5.04 Hellbound

Spike appeared in Fred's office as Angel and Eve locked Pavayne away in the basement of Wolfram and Hart.

"Don't suppose you built a spare?" Spike asked, about the machine Fred had built to re–corporealise him. He knew it was not possible, but he had to ask.

Fred looked dejected. "Most of the pieces I used on this one were practically nonexistent to start with. Even if I could replace them, the chances of finding another power source are... I'm sorry."

Spike sat on the desk beside her and assured her, "Don't be, luv. Made my choice. Wouldn't change it for the world." Giving his one chance to Pavayne hadn't really been a choice at all; it was something he had to do.

Fred replied, looking hopeful, "There are other things we could try. They're a little riskier, but –"

"No. I'm not gonna end up like Pavayne – cheating Hell any way he could, no matter who it hurt."

"Just proves what I've been telling everybody."

"That I'm a handsome devil who brightens the place up?"

She smiles and looks at him. "That you're worth saving."

Spike looked cheered. "Don't have it so bad, really. Plenty of room. Good company. Even picked up a few new tricks." He picked up a coffee mug that was on her desk.

Fred laughed and Spike smiled. "I guess there's worse things... than bein' a ghost."

A little while later, after Spike had disappeared again, Fred sat looking at her now impossible plans.

He's worth saving; I just wish I knew how. I've tried everything known to science. What else is there?