Seven Minutes in Heaven


pairing: Spike/Willow
genre: all human AU
rating: Mature Adults Only
warning: underage (17) sex
written for: LJ's fall_for_Spike


"Willow, nice to see you’ve seen the softer side of Sears."

Willow walked away, feeling even more dejected and rejected than she normally did. That new girl had seemed so nice and looked liked she’d wanted to talk to her. And then Poophead Cordelia had to walk up and ruin everything.

"Miss Rosenberg, come into my room please."

Mr. Pratt’s husky English accent cut through the air to her ears, breaking her out of her pointless reverie. With a sigh, Willow pushed her arms through the straps of her backpack and slumped across the hall and into Mr. Pratt’s Classical Literature classroom. She liked it in here; ClassLit was her favourite class and Mr. Pratt was the school’s coolest – and hottest – teacher. He wore Sex Pistols tee shits under his wool or corduroy sport coats. He wore jeans every day. And he gave Willow extra credit and ice cream for helping him come up with extra hard questions for his exams. She really wasn’t in the mood to think up any questions right now though.

She dropped her books and backpack on the table closest to the door and heard the door slam. Surprised, she turned to see what had happened.

Mr. Pratt was standing there looking murderous. That place in his jaw was twitching and his eyes, normally a beautiful sky blue, were dark like storm clouds over the ocean.

"Miss Rosenberg, would you please tell me why you allow that…" several words occurred to him but he dismissed them, not wanting to use that kind of language in front of sweet Willow Rosenberg. He finally settled on "… viper to speak to you that way?"

Willow looked confused. He seemed really upset. And it sounded like it was on her behalf. She forced down the warm feelings inside and said, "What viper?"

William Pratt shook his head. She had forgotten about it already. Was she so used to being treated that way that it didn’t even register? Something had to be done. He’d been at this school for two months and day after day he watched this smart, beautiful girl get stepped on or disregarded. Students, teachers, administrators – everyone took her for granted. No one had a qualm about asking her to do them a favour but he’d yet to see anyone even thank her for the assistance. Hell, she wrote up all of Dermot Ziegler’s Calculus exams for him and she wouldn’t be eligible to take calculus until next year!

Will reigned in his temper with several deep breaths.

"I am talking about the way you let Miss Chase, hell, half this school, walk all over you. You’re a teenager; teenagers are supposed to be known for their stinging wit and their biting sarcasm. Lord knows Miss Chase has certainly mastered both of those arts. Why don’t you stick up for yourself? Why don’t you say something back? Why don’t you report her to Flutie? Hell, why don’t you knock her teeth down her throat?"

Willow stood staring at him, mouth hanging open. He felt like he’d grown another head.

He raked his fingers through his hair, at a complete loss. It was clear that she wasn’t going to do anything to stop this abhorrent treatment.

"Willow, I can’t let this continue. I’m going to have to call your parents. They have to be informed about what’s going on so they can take steps to stop it." What they were going to do, he had no idea. They probably had no idea there was anything wrong and thought their beautiful, intelligent and spirited daughter had a million friends. Well, she was spirited in his class anyway.

"Um, my parents are in…" she hesitated as she pulled a day planner out of her backpack, "Mom’s in Vienna until the 16th and Dad’s in Minneapolis until the end of the spring semester." She looked at the day planner again and flipped ahead a few pages. "April 24th."

She put the planner away calmly and said, "But I’m okay, really. I’m fine. Cordelia’s just being Cordelia. She talks to everybody like that."

Will was exasperated. Miss Chase did not speak to everyone like that. Anyone with money or influence or an ounce of prestige …or blue eyes and a handsome face, he thought despairingly… was treated with a deference bordering on religious worship by the social-climbing Miss Chase.

He walked to his desk and pulled out the chair and sat. He motioned with his hand for her to come to the front of the classroom. She started to sit in her usual seat, the first row right in front, but he cleared off a corner of his desk and told her to come up there. He wanted to speak to her as a friend, not a teacher and he thought a relaxed atmosphere might help.

When she was seated, rather uncomfortably, on her teacher’s desk, he began.

"Miss Rosenberg – Willow – I want to talk to you right now not as a teacher, but as a friend, all right?"

It wasn’t, but she nodded anyway.

Not sure what to do with his hands, he dried his sweaty palms on his jeans then raked them through his hair. And just why the fuck were his palms sweaty? Still not comfortable, he stood and took off the code-required sport coat, revealing a dark red tee shirt with Bruce Springsteen’s ‘Born to Run’ album emblazoned on it. Willow thought he looked amazing in red.

His nostrils flared as he took in another deep breath. Why hadn't university prepared him for this?

"Willow, you are… the brightest student by far in this school. Probably this district. You don’t belong in high school with its petty rivalries and revolting cliques. You belong in university, where you can learn and study in keeping with your abilities."

That was a thought. "Have you ever considered taking the entrance exam to UC Sunnydale? I saw your PSAT scores; any school in this country would kill to have you. Hell, have you considered Oxford? That’s where I attended university and it was a right fine education." His eyes twinkled as he said, "And the parties weren’t bad either."

Willow let out a real smile then, not one of the phony ones she displayed so often in this dismal hole they called an institution of learning.

"What I am trying to say, Miss – Willow, is that you are better than this. You are better than all of them. I can’t understand for the life of me why you let the Future Hookers of America treat you like so much shit on their shoes when you are so much more beautiful than they will ever hope to be."

He hadn't meant to say that. Why had he said that? He wasn't allowed to say that, was he? He watched her carefully, gauging her reaction. Nothing. It was like he hadn't just told her she was…

"Willow, you do know that I meant that, don't you? You really are very lovely. Much more what real men look for in a woman. Real. Smart. Naturally beautiful." He wasn't really paying attention to what he was saying anymore, just looking at her and going on instinct.

She really was gorgeous. Young, yes, but that peaches and cream skin and thick red hair and shining green eyes just made you want to…

That was a really bad idea. That had never stopped him before. He really shouldn't have had those three cups of coffee this morning after a night of very little sleep. But she does look all sweet and innocent and just waiting to be – tasted.

Inspired, he asked, "Willow, did you ever play Seven Minutes in Heaven?"

Willow blushed and shook her head, burnished copper hair shaking free and cascading over her shoulder.

"But you know what it is, yeah? You go in a closet for seven minutes and during that time there are no rules, no repercussions, just doing what feels right and nothing else matters. At the end, ya go yer separate ways." His head tilted as he tried to study her face, see if she was offended or disgusted by what he thought he might – possibly – be suggesting. Maybe.

He rolled the chair over to the corner of the desk where she sat and let his hands rest on the sides of her knees. Let his gaze wander from her black patent leather clad feet, up her legs that were hiding behind white pantyhose.

Reminded him of a nurse. And all the nurse/patient fantasies he'd had through the ages. When he got to the hem of the little plaid dress, he felt the heat that passed from her skin to his.

He ran his tongue over his teeth as he looked into her eyes.

"I have no idea what Miss Chase was talking about. That has got to be the sexiest outfit I have ever seen." His gaze drifted to her lips, "Every naughty teacher’s fantasy come true."

Willow gasped softly and then smiled shyly. Was Mr. Pratt was making a pass at her? Telling her she was smart and too good for this place and now…

"Mr. Pr-"

"Will," he interrupted her. "M’ name’s Will. Well, William, but yeah. Call me Will."

"Will?" she asked again. She thought the name would feel strange in her mouth, but it didn’t. It felt… right. That was weird. But this whole thing was weird.

"Yeah?" he asked. His palm was cupping her cheek and he could feel the chemistry between them. This girl needed self-confidence and wasn't that a teacher's job? To bring out the best in his students?

'Yeah, William, keep tellin' yerself that. See if it helps ya sleep better at night.'

Willow looked earnestly at his face. "Um, this is – isn’t a joke, is it? I’m n-not on closed circuit camera or the football team isn’t going to j-jump out of the supply closet and laugh at me, are they?"

His heart ached for her. He knew what it felt like. He’d been the school nobody, saying the wrong things at the wrong time and having everyone laughing at him, always being the last picked, unless someone needed his homework done for them. And god, his hair! It had been this horrible afro thing until his roommate at university had a mum who was a hairdresser.

He stood, shaking his head. "I wouldn’t do that to ya, love. Thing is," here goes nothin' – everythin' – "I’ve wanted you from the first time I saw ya, walkin’ in this room. We’re not allowed, I could get fired for even being in here alone with you." He lifted her face to his. "But having you here, callin' me Will, smilin' at me, sweet blush making your skin glow… I can't help myself, I hafta try."

Willow shook her head, not believing. He took her hand and placed it over his heart that was beating so fast it hurt, then on his jeans, over his cock that was rock hard, just from having her sitting on his desk.

"Been wanting ya," he confirmed. "Every day, seein' you in class, wantin' to lay you across this desk and make love to you." He closed his eyes and fought for control. "You have all the power here, Willow. You control everything. I’m not giving up, I don't think I can – now that I've started, but I’ll stop for now if you tell me to. I won’t take it farther, not today. All you have to do is say no."

She didn’t say anything. She didn't know what to say. This couldn't be real, it couldn't be true. Someone was playing a joke at her expense. Mr. Pra- Will – had always seemed so cool and so understanding. He told her slightly off-color jokes. He told her about when he was in school. He had been smart, unpopular, funny-looking – all the things that she herself was. But he wasn't that geek-boy now, she thought, and there was no way he was saying what he was saying and meaning it.

She wasn't sure what was going on, but she wasn't going to be played for a fool. But if she just got up and walked out, she'd look like a naïve idiot who couldn't take a joke. So she'd just play along until… she ended up running out of here in tears.

But what now? She remembered something he'd said -

Just as he breathed a sigh of relief because she hadn't protested, she opened her mouth. His heart almost stopped. This wasn't just giving her self-confidence. Even he wasn't that good a liar and a wise man never lies, especially to himself. This was him taking what he'd been longing for.

"What do you mean, ‘I have all the power’?"

He smiled like a shark.

"Oh, little girl," he smiled in a way that made Willow feel like her spine had melted, "I have some lessons to teach you."

He walked over to the door and twisted the lock. He heard Willow's breathing get harsher; he didn't think it was fear- at least, not a bad kind of fear. He walked over to the windows and pulled down the blinds. He never took his eyes off her as he walked back to his desk and sat, relaxing his posture.

He sat there, watching her squirm, imaging all the wicked things he was about to do to her – with her. She didn't say a word.

"Stand up." He was a little amazed when she slid off the desk and stood. Running his hands up the back of her thighs he asked, "Do you want this?"

Willow felt Will's hands conform to the roundness of her bottom and that's when she knew she was dreaming. This wasn't real, it couldn't be. She'd fallen asleep in class, or even better, she was still home in bed, and this was all a dream – like so many she'd had before. But this one was so much better! His thumbs hooked in the waistband of her stockings and she nodded.

The grin he gave her was predatory and she would have been afraid if this hadn't been a dream.

His face dropped to hers and he saw her lick her lips right before he kissed her. It felt like one of those kisses in the movies where sparkles erupt and music swells. Electric current and tingles up his spine and burning where their lips and bodies touched.  It felt like a flock of butterflies had materialized in his stomach and were now desperate to get out. What the hell was she doing to him? Was she some kind of witch?

Her body relaxed and she melted into him, giving herself over to the kiss at last and Will lost all train of thought then and just let the startling sensations unfold.

Her lips were like she was; sweet and soft and making him want things he wasn't allowed to have. But just this once… no one would know. She wanted him too…

His thumbs pulled her pantyhose down over her ass and his hands pulled her to him and let her feel how much she was affecting him. Her hands finally reached out and touched him, lying flat and warm against his chest. He deepened the kiss and let the pantyhose go for now as his hands explored up her back, under her dress.

Those innocent hands of hers slid higher and curled around his neck.

He hadn't been with a woman in more than six months but he'd had his share of sexual experience and no experienced woman ever made him feel half what this naive girl did.

He pulled the pantyhose down her thighs and slid her bottom back up on his desk. The white nylon slid down her legs and his hands grabbed the heels of her shoes and pulled them off. As they hit the floor, he pulled the pantyhose off and pulled her in close to him. He'd never stopped kissing her and she was now kissing him back with just as much heat.

Her mouth was like lava scorching him. He couldn't get enough. Jail – Hell – he didn't care. Whatever the consequences, she was worth it.

His hand knotted in her hair and he pulled gently, exposing her neck. Kissing his way across her too-perfect-to-be-real skin, he confessed, "I knew you had to be mine that first day. Knew you'd be perfect for me."

He must be high on something, he had no intention of telling that he'd thought about her this way. Why had he told her? Her hands fisted in his hair and he forgot the question.

Willow just moaned in incoherence and moved to allow him better access. This was all so new, she'd never even fantasized anything like this. Her schoolgirl crush on her best friend Xander seemed like a lifetime ago. This was a man, a real man, right here in her arms and he wanted her. She didn't care if this was a dream, she wasn't going to waste a moment of it.

She let her hands move down his chest and slip up under his tee shirt. Her eyes rolled back in her head. Muscle, miles of skin and muscle playing under her fingertips.

He helped her along by pulling his tee shirt over his head. God, he wanted to slide inside her right this very fuckin' second! But she was probably a virgin and special care would need to be taken.

He laid her back, moved with her, until she was laying flat across his desk. Running his hands under her cute little dress, he found the soft roundness of her breasts. She felt womanly enough to him.

"Gotta taste you, baby," he told her as he left the warmth of her mouth and found the smooth contours of her stomach very much to his liking. Licking across her bellybutton and hearing her giggle, he decided he'd have to pay more attention here when they had more time.

White cotton panties with lace trim made him groan. He didn't know he had this schoolgirl kink until today when he saw her in this outfit. Now he couldn't get enough of it. He wondered if she'd mind dressing up in a nurse's uniform later on.

He grabbed the panties and pulled them off as his mouth found her center through her curls. A true redhead.

They both moaned at the exact same moment. She tasted like candy heaven and she must be enjoying his enthusiasm because she was moaning and squirming like a… like a virgin being eaten out by her favourite teacher.

He opened her wider with his thumbs and pulled her sweet little clit into his mouth and sucked. That was all it took. She almost screamed in her orgasm and his hand instinctively went to cover her mouth. She flailed and shook and bit his hand, but he didn't stop sucking until she was done.

He couldn't wait until they had a chance to take this farther. He pulled Willow up to a sitting position again and kissed her smiling mouth –


The bell signaling the end of the period rang; students would be trying to enter any second now. Third was his free period but the rest of the day was full. He helped Willow compose herself, let her pull her panties back on while he grabbed a comb out of his desk drawer and ran it over her hair before doing the same to his. She seemed at a loss as to what to do with the pantyhose. There was urgent knocking on the door so he pulled her into the supply room and to the connecting door to the hallway. Told her to wait until his students were out of the hall before opening the door.

He kissed her quickly and with a wink, he said, "See ya in an hour and a half, baby. Stay calm, we'll figure it out." Then he was gone.

Willow's brain had turned to mush and she had no idea what he was talking about.

Chapter 2

Will really shouldn't have been surprised to hear Cordelia Chase say, two periods later, "Willow, weren't you wearing stockings earlier? What'd you do, fall down the ladder in the library again?"

Willow turned bright red, not making a move to say a word, so Will deadpanned, "No, they're in my desk. Miss Rosenberg forgot to put them back on after we had sex earlier."

The unflappable Miss Chase was speechless but Willow looked like she wanted to die. Shit. He'd thought it would be funny. And it was, the rest of the class was laughing and hooting, and one of the more popular football players yelled out, "Way to go, Rosenberg!"

Git better leave his girl alone.

"So, class, you were supposed to get a pop quiz, but when I met Miss Rosenberg in the office earlier today, she convinced me that you'd all much rather watch a movie. So you luck out. Today and tomorrow we'll be watching Baz Luhrmann's interpretation of William Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet. Essays over the weekend on the dichotomy of the original text and Mr. Luhrmann's use of it."

Xander Harris raised his hand. Will sighed then said, "And if you don't know what 'dichotomy' means, you should have a dictionary at home to look the word up. If you don't, what should you do, class?"

As one, they chorused, "Dictionary dot com"

Xander put his hand down.

Will hit the lights and went to start the movie. Before he pushed the play button, he said, "Oh, I forgot. Miss Rosenberg, Mr. Dawes asked to see you in the guidance office." Willow looked panicked but grabbed her books and backpack and headed for the door. Will headed for the supply room.

As soon as Willow got into the hall, Will was there with a smile to pull her into the small, private room with him. As his arms surrounded her, all the nervousness and fear she'd felt for the last hour and a half disappeared.

"Will, this is wrong, we can’t do this." He noticed her arms had still been around his neck and her fingers were playing in his hair as she said it.

So he felt very confident asking "Don't you want me, baby?" as his hands slid under that fucking plaid dress that made him feel depraved because he wanted her to ride him while she was wearing it. She looked ten years old in that thing. His hands found her bra and filled with the evidence that she was definitely a woman grown, even if the clothes she wore hid the fact with amazing efficiency.

"I think I'm becoming addicted to you," he told her as he kissed the skin visible at the vee at the neckline of her shirt.

"After just a few hours?" she asked, flattered even though she knew it was only a line. It had to be.

"Well, you taste very good Miss Rosenberg," he told her before licking a path up her neck.

"Do you taste good?" she asked innocently. She was thinking his skin; he was thinking of her lips wrapped around his cock and groaned.

"Later," he said unhappily, "There's no lock on the door."

"Will?" she asked in a very small voice that made him stop and listen.

"What is it, Willow? What's wrong?"

"Will, I couldn't stand it if you were just playing with me. What is this? You're not acting like it’s a joke. You're acting like its… I don't know. I've never done this before. Do you do this a lot?"

"Oh, baby," he said sympathetically, running his hands across her shoulders as he threaded his fingers through her hair and pulled her in for a sweet kiss.

They both got lost for a moment; lost in the kiss, lost in the intimacy, lost in the inexplicably intense heat they felt whenever they touched each other. When they broke contact to breathe, Will tried to answer. "I don't know what this is. I just- I saw Miss Chase teasing you in the hallway and I couldn't stand it. I can't stand to see you treated like that. You are so much better than them. All of them. But you don't see it. I want you to see it. I've seen it since I first got here. And I can show you, Willow. I can show you how much power you have, how strong you are."

It all sounded so philanthropic… and cold. As his arms wrapped around her waist and he lifted her and she felt her chest brush against his, it didn't feel cold. It felt… like she was going to end up hurting in the end. Why was he doing this? Why was he pretending to be turned on by her? But at least he hadn't lied. He hadn't pretended it was more than it was. And she had to loose her virginity sometime, didn't she? Why not to the school's hottest teacher? As long as they didn't get caught.

"Young Hearts Run Free" began playing within the movie and there were so many good lessons to learn from that song. Or there would be if Will wasn't sucking on her neck like that.

"You count up the years, and they will be filled with tears" came floating into her ears and it made her feel like someone understood the situation she was in right now.

Will gently smoothed her cheek and moved her mouth back to his, making every other thing going on in the world seem utterly insignificant. His kisses were drugging; she felt like she couldn't think, couldn't form a coherent thought, couldn't stop herself from continuing what she knew was so monumentally wrong.

It's high time I had just one crack at life
Who wants to live in, trouble and strife
My mind must be free, to learn all I can about me

She stopped thinking, stopped recriminating herself. If this was the only shot she ever got, she wasn't going to blow it. Even if –when- she ended up hurt in the end.

The glass doors on the cabinet fogged up in the next thirty minutes. They made out like two hormonal teenagers (which one of them was) and used hands to learn each others bodies and mouths to learn each others taste. They groped and moaned and sighed and tried to get closer than was physically possible. Will didn't push it; he tried not to go any farther than he thought (hoped) she might have let any other boy go.

Some instinct must have let him know time was getting short because when he looked at his watch, they had four minutes to the bell. They straightened each others clothes and hair as well as they could.

Before he sent her out in the hall to make her way back into the classroom, he said, "Yer mum and dad aren't home? Any brothers or sisters to miss ya if ya don't come home today?"

She blushed and shook her head, messing up her hair again. He smoothed it with his hand and said, "Meet me around the corner at the mailbox on Elm after school?"

She hesitated.

"Please, baby? Please."

She smiled and nodded then quickly ran out the door. He grabbed some files, a few books and a handful of construction paper to make it seem like he'd been cleaning up in here while the class watched the movie. When he opened the door and entered the classroom, she was just sneaking in and sitting in an empty chair in the back. He couldn't help it; he placed his alibi on his desk and made his way to the back of the class. As the students sat in rasp attention watching Leonardo DiCaprio and Claire Danes kiss, he stood behind Willow Rosenberg and let one finger make its way through her hair to touch the skin of her neck hiding beneath it.

He was going to Hell.

Chapter 3

Pulling his helmet on, he realized that he only had the one helmet with him. As the bike roared to life and he listened to the purr of the engine, he prayed to a god he'd abandoned long ago that Willow would be where he'd told her to go after school. Not having loving parents was a rough break, but it fit very nicely into his plans for today. And for many days to come, he hoped.

Leaving the school, he turned left and then left again onto Elm. He smiled when he saw her, waiting by the mailbox as he'd asked her to. He knew if he gave her a chance to think about it, she'd change her mind. So as soon as he stopped, he pulled off the helmet and told her to put it on as he stashed her backpack with bungee cords. He lifted a leg over and helped her on behind him.

As soon as she was situated, he took off and her arms wrapped around him, holding on for dear life.

She'd never been on a motorcycle before. She'd never done a lot of things she'd done today before. And she suspected today was going to be a day filled with firsts.

How had this happened? Maybe she woke up this morning in an alternate universe? Her dream theory had proved false, so something else had to be at work. She knew the saying very well – if something seems too good to be true, it probably is.

But so far it wasn't. No one had jumped out and laughed at her, she hadn't been called to the office and been threatened with marring her permanent record, her prince hadn't turned into a frog.

She laughed, then laughed again louder and harder.

Maybe life was just going her way finally. All the things she'd wished and hoped and worked so hard for were falling into place in front of her. She wished she could take the helmet off and let the wind rush through her hair. She knew it wasn't safe, she knew it wasn't practical, she knew her hair would be a mess of knots later, but she didn't care.

Now was the time to take chances. Now was the time to dream big!

She wrapped her arms around Will's chest and hugged. Now was the time for believing in faerie godmothers.

She felt the purr rumble through Will's chest when she hugged him. He really did seem to want her. Not just 'teach her about strength and power' and believing in herself, but real Playboy centerfold type of wanting her.

She bit into her bottom lip as she let one of her hands run down his stomach to his abdomen. There it was, that length of hardness that she'd felt every time she'd been near him today. He must be ready to scream.

He pulled her hand away when he pulled into the parking lot of the Quick Stop. He parked and helped her off the bike. She took off the helmet while he stood. He turned and pulled her into his arms.

"I was plannin' on goin' to the grocery store so I'd have somethin' proper ta feed ya – besides me – but you're drivin' me outta my mind here. This okay for now? We can go out later an' get some real food."

She blushed and nodded. Looking around, there were two very strange looking guys standing in front of the store. They looked stoned. One was singing 'Jungle Love' too loudly and making rude gestures. The other wasn't doing anything at all. They frightened her. The loud one called out "Snoogins!" in their direction and Willow held tighter to Will's arm.

Will took her hand and led her inside where she picked out Cool Ranch Doritos and BBQ Pringles. He pointed toward the ice cream so she got some Chunky Monkey and some Magic Brownies and went to the counter. He was there with three bottles of wine and a six pack of Dr. Pepper. She wondered how he was going to get all this on the bike.

"Hey, Spike" the clerk greeted him.

"Hey, Dante, how's it goin'?" The clerk was scanning everything into the register and Willow wondered who Spike was. Except Will had answered to that name.

"Spike?" Willow asked.

Will looked up. "Oh." He just realized he'd been found out. Then came up with, "Only he calls me that," inclining his head toward Dante.

Dante guffawed. "Yeah, sure, Spike."

Willow just raised an eyebrow at Will, but he was paying undo attention to his wallet so she looked toward Dante.

The clerk rolled his eyes. "He used to date my girlfriend a while ago. She called him Spike."

She looked back toward Will. "I used to play volleyball?" he suggested. Dante laughed so hard he couldn't get the money into the cash drawer.

Will, also known as Spike apparently, grabbed the bags and walked out. Willow thanked Dante for the info and followed him.

As Will was attaching the bags to the bike with a seemingly unending supply of bungee cords and some secret guy knowledge, the sleazy-looking, very weird guy with long blond hair walked up and said, "Mother fuck, Spike! Sweet fuckin' property, dude! She don't even look fuckin' legal!  Can I stick it in 'er ass when you're done usin' and abusin' her?"

Spike stood upright and grabbed the asshole by the throat. The raised eyebrow Will got from Jay's taciturn companion made him rethink his anger. Not that Bob could hurt him, but he liked Bob, even though his buddy Jay was a complete wanker. And Jay was just being Jay. He let go of his throat and let him drop to the pavement.

"Leave 'er alone, Jay," Spike warned. "Of course she's legal. She's twenty-three. I paid 'er a lot of money to get her to dress like that and I'm not givin' 'er extra for havin' to look at yer ugly gob."

Willow just stood there wondering what was happening. Was Will implying that she was a… a… you know… working girl? She was a high school student! Who got straight A's and was on the Honor Roll! But it probably wouldn't be wise to say that, so she said nothing at all. She looked over to the quiet guy and he smiled at her and waved. She waved back, still very confused.

She looked back at Will who was pushing Jay away from the bike. The quiet guy was all right but this clown still scared her.

"Ta, Bob," he called as they pulled away, and the scary one called out, "Snooch to the nooch!" Willow giggled in her relief to be away from there.

Chapter 4

Willow was surprised when they pulled up in front of a small stucco bungalow. It was painted a creamy green and had a native American patterned black iron railing around the porch. There were flowers in the flower beds and the grass looked freshly cut. Someone had even edged the lawn. Had Will done all this? The rock and roll rebel persona he had at school was so different from the neat, clean, perfect neighbor image this house depicted.

Not aware of her musings, Will grabbed the bags, including her backpack, and Willow followed him to the door. With every step, her apprehension grew. What was she doing? It was bad enough they had… kissed – and stuff – in school! But this was going home with a man, a real man, and doing… she had no idea what. Not the details anyway. And what did she really know about him?

He put down a bag and pulled out a set of keys. After he'd unlocked the door and walked in, Willow stood on the porch and watched him walk across the living room and go into a hallway, only to appear right back again through the open half-wall that separated the living room from what looked to be the kitchen.

Will wasn't stupid, he knew she hadn't come in. Just proved how smart she was. Girl knew enough not to walk right into the house of a man she barely knew. But she knew him better than she thought she did. Better than just about anyone knew him. In those afternoons together designing questions for exams, they'd talked and he'd told her things about himself he'd never told another soul. Told her his thoughts, his insecurities left over from being so alone in school. Shared things with a kindred spirit that no one else in his life would understand. As she had with him.

He considered putting on some music but his mind couldn't grasp anything in his CD collection that wouldn't make him look dated. Springsteen, Idol, Seger, Rush, The Who, Temptations… all before her time. He had some Flogging Molly that Clem had brought over, but that wasn't really the mood he was going for. His mind flashed on the cover of a CD his uncle had gotten him for Christmas last year and he'd thought it was a joke; he didn't listen to girl groups and it was bollocks to say those four hot birds could play classical music; they looked like porn stars. But when he'd listened to it, it was pretty good.

He stepped over to the cabinet that held his stereo and looked through the rack until he found Bond's Classified CD. He put on number eight, I'll Fly Away, a soothing but upbeat piece that always seemed to calm him down when he needed to relax.

Trying not to pressure her or let her know that he noticed she still hadn't come in yet, he looked around to make sure the house wasn't a mess. Looking around his "living room" he realized that maybe they should have gone to her house. He didn't really have much in the way of furniture. Unless his Olhausen cherrywood billiard table counted as furniture.

The image of Willow stretched out across the surface of the table made his mind cringe at the harm it would do the fabric, but it made his dick jump in anticipation. Maybe not today, but one day soon, he was gonna make love to her on the black felt.

When Lullaby started on the stereo he decided he'd better do something to help her make up her mind whether or not she was going to come in. He went to the kitchen and grabbed two Dr. Peppers and opened them both. He walked back to the doorway and handed her one, then leaned against the open door jamb, casually drinking his.

She ran a finger around the top of her can and smiled. "You want me to come in there, don't you?"

He reached out and rubbed a thumb across her cheek. "Only if you want to, Willow; I'm not going to force you to do anything." He was tempted to say that he'd take her home if she wanted to go, just to put her at ease about his motives, but he didn't want to give her any ideas.

Still she hesitated, not sure what to do. Maybe it was because he was looming here in the doorway, a man eleven years older than herself, much more experienced than her and obviously expecting things she wasn't sure she wanted to give. She probably thought he was going to jump her as soon as she walked in the door.

He drained his can of soda quickly and crushed it in his palm before sinking it into the trash can in the yard.

"Two points," Willow commented with a small smile.

He took a step back into the house and said, "I'm gonna grab a shower. Take yer time, look around the yard. If you want another can, they're in the fridge." Then he turned and pulled his tee shirt over his head, not looking back as he headed for the bathroom.

Closing the bathroom door, he faced a dilemma. Cold shower or hot? Either he could cool himself off to keep from grabbing her, or he could have a nice wank and sate himself somewhat that way, also taking the pressure off his need to shag her.

Closing his eyes and thinking of her spread across his desk, legs open and hair wild, letting him drink his fill of that heavenly taste, he decided on a cold shower. When she got going, she was worth the wait.

He kicked off his sneakers, peeled off his jeans and socks and turned on just the cold water. It made him shiver just letting it run through his fingers, but again – she was worth it.

He took his time, wanting to give her a chance to get comfortable in his place.

When he headed for the bedroom to grab another pair of jeans, he heard Van Morrison's Into the Mystic filling the house. That meant she must have come in. He opened his bedroom door and found her standing there, looking at the paintings on his walls.

"They're beautiful," she said without turning around. "Who's A. Pratt? That's the signature." She was praying he wasn't going to say wife or even ex-wife.

"Anne, my mum. The ones signed S. Pratt are Sasha, my sis." He saw her exhale in obvious relief and he wondered what she'd been thinking. Ex-wife probably. Or worse, current wife.

"I'm not married, Willow, I've never been. Never found a woman I wanted to spend a week with, let alone a lifetime."

He realized how bad that sounded after he said it. He'd just told her how short-lived this affair was likely to be. But really, it couldn't be anything more than that, not while she was his student. But if there was one person well suited not only to his body but also his mind, it was Willow.

This whole train of thought was ludicrous, she was a sixteen year old girl for christsakes! But then why had he brought her here if her age really mattered to him?

Smell the sea and feel the sky
Let your soul and spirit fly into the mystic

Her body began to sway to the music. Dropping the towel, he walked up behind her and enveloped her in his arms. She leaned her head back onto his shoulder and absorbed his strength. He moved both of their bodies in time to the music.

And together we will float into the mystic
Come on girl...
Too late to stop now…

She turned in his arms but before she could hide from him, he bent for a kiss. She sighed into it and enthusiastically held onto him, grasping his head between her hands as if she feared he might try to escape. He wasn't going anywhere.

One hand slid down her back and cupped her bottom, pulling her in closer. Her leg rode up his thigh and he grabbed her knee, pulling it to his waist then took her ankle and wrapped it around behind him. He lifted her with his other hand so that she was wrapped around him, being held and supported only by him.

I can hear her heart beat from a thousand miles
And the heavens open every time she smiles
And when I come to her that's where I belong

He carried her to the bed, a second hand oak four-poster. He lowered her to the bed and her skin and hair looked like it belonged there against the jade green cotton. His kisses turned softer, sweeter. As much as he wished it were, this wasn't just lust. He liked her here in his bed. The look, the taste, the smell of her; everything was working some kind of spell on his nervous system. She felt so very right here.

He stood and looked down on her flushed body, hoping he'd see a young girl or his student. No such being was in sight. This beautiful woman on his bed was no mere girl on which to spend his lust and let her go. He'd have to convince her to stay. He'd have to find a way to keep her without losing his job.

Take away my trouble, take away my grief
Take away my heartache, in the night like a thief

He took one ankle and removed her shoe, a black patent leather Mary Jane that had done a good job until today of protecting the virginal façade she showed to the world. But lack of experience aside, this was a nymphet in a nun's habit. Time to get rid of the disguise.

Running his hands from thigh to ankle, he held her other leg up in the air and removed the other shoe. He kissed her ankle before releasing the leg and maneuvering her into a kneeling position facing away from him on the bed. Dragging her hair to the side, he sucked the soft skin on the back of her neck into his mouth. This girl tasted so good he just wanted to take a bite out of her.

She give me love, love, love, love, crazy love
She give me love, love, love, love, crazy love

He took hold of the hem of her dress and pulled it up very slowly over her head. Very slowly so that she'd have a chance to stop him if she wanted to. She didn't. He removed the dress and tossed it onto the chair in the corner. He ran his palms up the inside of her thighs and her hands joined his to make his touch firmer, more sure. He traveled up the front of her Oxford-cloth shirt and the thought of revealing her, little by little, button by button, made him smile.

Yes it make me righteous, yes it makes me whole
Yes it make me mellow down to my soul

She turned her head then, desperate to see him, desperate to connect, desperate to make sure she wasn't alone in these confusing, amazing feelings flowing through her.

His eyes reassured her, and his kiss made her forget the questions.

She give me love, love, love, love, crazy love

One by one, starting from the bottom, Will pulled the buttons free, taking time in between each one, to run hands over skin, letting Willow know she was safe, and desired. That when she showed herself to him, he'd not only savour the treasure within, he'd cherish the act itself.

Turn up your radio and let me hear the song
Switch on your electric light
Then we can get down to what is really wrong
I long to hold you tight so I can feel you
Sweet lady of the night I shall reveal you

The shirt soon went the way of the dress and Willow Rosenberg had now gone farther with Mr. Pratt than she'd ever gone with any boy before. She thought she'd be afraid, terrified even, but she wasn't. As wrong and possibly illegal as this was, it felt the right way to go; it felt like something she was supposed to do.

She liked his house, she liked the colours and the style and the way he had the bedroom set up. It was cozy and warm and felt, incredibly, like home. More like home than the austere coldness of her parents' home. No chrome or steel or black lacquer, but warm woods and muted colours. Even the pool table looked like an elegant billiard table from a turn of the century gentleman's club; it wasn't one of those modern black Brunswick ones she saw on the world championships of pool in Vegas on television.

So when he started touching her, she didn't stop him. She was still confused about exactly what this meant to him. He'd told her right from the start that it wouldn't last longer than a week, but the way he was touching her, the care he seemed to be taking with her, made her wonder. This was probably just his style, was how he treated every girl – woman – he took to bed. No wonder he only stayed interested for a few days, with his looks and the way he treated women, he probably had a waiting list.

Which begged the question, 'Then why is he here with me?'

Turn it up, turn it up, little bit higher, radio
Turn it up, that's enough, so you know, it's got soul

His hands moved down her stomach and inside her panties and she lost all thought again.

His hands slipped around to remove her knickers and he felt something he'd missed before. A small cloth-like patch on her hip. He looked at it; it was about an inch and a half square and it looked suspiciously like –


The best she could do was open her eyes and look at him curiously.

"What are ya doin' with a birth control patch on yer hip, Love?"

Apprehension dawned. She felt like such a little girl saying this, but she had to admit, "My mom made me start wearing them when I was fifteen. She said it was better to have it and not need it than to need it and not have it."

Smart woman. Well, other than being a complete bitch for leaving her daughter alone for great lengths of time.

Wait, that meant –

"You mean I don't have ta wear a rubber?"

"No." She smiled. "Is that good?"

A shiver ran up his spine thinking about sinking into Willow's warm, wet body, feeling her contracting around him. Coming inside her. He'd never done this without being covered before. Did he really want to start now?

Like that was even a question.

Well, it's a marvelous night for a moondance
With the stars up above in your eyes
A fantabulous night to make romance

He laid her flat on her back on the bed. He pulled her knickers off and dropped them to the floor. He kissed his way up her body; shins, thighs, abdomen, under her breasts, shoulders. He rolled to the side and lay looking at her, his vixen in nothing but a pink lace bra. God, he hoped she was ready for him because he was about to burst. Gliding a hand between her thighs, he found her dripping wet even before he reached her center.

He brought her close to her climax with that hand, then got between her legs to finish her off with his tongue. Once again, her taste enamored him. She tasted like tangy sugarcane, sweet with a bite – just like her.

He sat up and looked down at her glowing face.

And all the night's magic seems to whisper and hush
And all the soft moonlight seems to shine in your blush

"So fuckin' beautiful," he murmured and she blushed a deeper pink. He was beginning to think that might be his new favourite colour.

Well, I wanna make love to you tonight
I can't wait 'til the morning has come
And I know now the time is just right

He leaned in for a kiss and let her know just how delicious she tasted. Spreading her legs, he positioned himself at her opening.

"You ready for this, Love?"

"I – I think so."

That reminded him that she was a virgin so he rose and grabbed the towel he'd used for his shower. After folding it in half, he told her to lift her bottom and placed it underneath. He didn't know how much blood there'd be, he'd never deflowered a virgin before, but he wasn't willing to take more time to find something more suitable.

She was so embarrassed by all of this and he tried to put her at ease. "Never been with a virgin before, Love, so it’s the first time for both of us." He gave her a lascivious smile that made her brain melt. "Know its gonna hurt a bit though, breakin' through."

And when you come my heart will be waiting
To make sure that you're never alone

He leaned in and licked her bottom lip, coaxing her mouth open. As their mouths melded together, he pushed inside. One quick thrust and he was in and through. He felt her body tense at the tearing of her hymen, but hands calmed and heated her body and she soon relaxed. He waited for her to make the first move and when she did, he started a slow pace thrusting gently in and out.

There and then all my dreams will come true, dear
There and then I will make you my own

He'd never made love without a condom before and when he felt how incredible she felt in his arms, he began to think maybe he'd never really 'made love' before. He'd certainly never felt anything near as intimate as this thing that he felt with Willow. What was she doing to him?

And every time I touch you, you just tremble inside
And I know how much you want me that you can't hide

His kisses moved to her cheeks and face and neck as her hands ran the length of his back. "Will," she said, wanting to share some of this unbelievable connection she felt, "I, I think I – I've never felt this way before. You feel like – you feel like you're part of me. Do – do you feel like that?"

He did. "I know, Love. You feel so. fuckin'. amazin'. wrapped around me. Like I belong here, inside you. Like you were made for me, meant for me. And me for you."

"That's – that's normal, right? It's supposed to feel like that?" She was so close to exploding she was having trouble forming words.

"God, baby, yes. It's supposed to feel like this. Need you to come now, Love, not gonna la-"

"OOOOoooooooooooooooooooo Will!" Willow clawed into his back and she screamed out her orgasm and the feeling of her unbelievably tight body squeezing the life out of him broke his control and he released his cum inside her, making him feel exceptionally proud. Leaving a piece of himself inside her, so that he'd always be there.

Can't I just have one more moondance with you, my love

He slipped out and rolled to the side, pulling her with him to lie on his chest.

"So, it always feels that good?" Willow asked when she finally caught her breath.

"Never has before," he told her.

"I thought you said it was supposed to feel like that?"

Will thought about how magical it felt being with her. "It is. Just never has before. Not for me."

She looked at him to gauge his sincerity. "Really?" she asked with a smile.

"I won't lie to you, Love. Ever. That was the single most amazing experience of my life. It probably shouldn't have happened – not now, not with you – but it did." He smiled and kissed her, "I'm just not sure what to do about it."

She felt warm and happy and cuddled into his chest.

"Willow Love, I don't – I can't – I don't think I can let you go."

She hid her smile from him but he felt it on his skin. "I don't want you to let me go, either. Just – don't make me any promises you won't keep, all right? I'll stay as long as you want me to, but please, have the decency to tell me when you want me to go."

Will couldn't even imagine that scenario. But how to work around the school? Maybe he could get a job somewhere else?

He hugged Willow tighter and vowed to work on it tomorrow.

Chapter 5

When he woke up, she was gone. He checked the clock, it was just six. From the look of the sky outside, that was six in the afternoon, not morning, so he'd only slept a couple of hours. He felt rested, like he'd slept for a week.

The stereo was quiet but he heard a creak and was relieved that she was still here. Pulling on a pair of jeans, he went looking for her and found her in the kitchen, sitting on the counter eating ice cream out of the little carton. She blushed at him, ducking her head, but he wouldn't let her shy away. He knew where she lived now, and it wasn't hiding in a hole the ground, that's for sure. He took her wrist and let her put the spoon in his mouth. It was good, something with nuts and chocolate and bananas.

"S'good, Love. What is it?"

"Chunky Monkey, my favourite." She fed him some more and then took another bite herself. They took turns eating spoonfuls of ice cream in between kisses and touches. In so short a time, they had come to crave each other and it was unnerving for Willow who'd always be so alone before.

"Will, can I ask you something?"

He was sucking on her neck with his cold mouth, giving her what she was sure would be an enormous hickey come morning. "Of course, baby. Anything."

Lifting her head to give him better access she asked, "I know I'm a naïve little girl, but – is this normal? I can't seem to stop touching you. I know I'm going to get disappointed in the end, you'll outgrow me soon; so I'm trying to learn as much as I can from this. Does it always feel like this? I know I shouldn't – and I know you don't – but this feels kinda like what I thought falling in love would feel like."

He stopped kissing her and looked in her eyes. She knew she'd blown it.

"Yer in love with me?"

Playing it safe, she told him, "I – I don't know. I've never been in love before. It just feels like what I thought it might feel like. If I did, maybe, fall in love."

He unbuttoned the fly of his blue jeans and pulled her forward on the counter. She was so startled she dropped the ice cream on the floor. She'd put on the white shirt but nothing else to come out here and that made it easy for him to slide her right off the counter onto his cock. Grabbing her around the waist he turned them so her back was against the refrigerator and he used that as leverage to hold her up while he pounded mindlessly into her body. Not fast, but hard, with the single-minded purpose of fusing their bodies together. The angle hit some previously undiscovered spot deep within her that made her body shake and her mind scream for him Never. To. Stop.

His pubic hair rubbed her clit and his cock was sending her body soaring and her eyes rolled up into her head with the pleasure. There were no sweet kisses or soft caresses this time, no reassurances that she was safe. She'd never felt less safe.

She thought for a moment that this was IT – this was fucking; it wasn't the gentle love-making they'd done before.

But every move seemed to have more purpose, every cell in her body and his were screaming not for release, but for connection. They weren't two people here, they were one body seeking the same goal. To merge.

She wasn't falling in love with him; she was already in love with him. As much as she tried to postpone it, her body shuddered and came, her abdominal muscles grasping him, never wanting to let him go.

She felt him tense and then shake as a warm liquid shot into her. Knowing it was him, knowing it was something innately intimate that they'd shared, she smiled.

Breathing heavily, he rested his forehead against hers.

"I've never been in love before either," he confessed.

Chapter 6

"Who's this one?"

They were sitting under the pool table, looking through a shoebox full of photographs she'd found in the alcove.

"That's m' Uncle Lawrence. He's a strange one. Drives a bus in Tottenham."

"Who's this one?"

"Oh, that's Aunt Richard, Uncle Lawrence's significant other. He's a physician. He's all right, I guess, bit reserved."

Willow giggled and looked at him. "You have an Uncle Lawrence and an Aunt Richard?"

Will shrugged. "Yeah. Doesn't everybody?" She thought about her father's sister Florence and her "roommate" Guinevere. "Yeah, I guess they do." She picked up another of a frail but beautiful woman with a long silver braid. "Who's this one?"

Will took the picture and ran a finger over the face. "That's Gran. She died right after Sasha was born. Miss 'er bad sometimes."

"How old is Sasha?" She wasn't looking at the pictures any more, she was looking at him and the way his face looked melancholy as he thought of his family.

"Seventeen, I'm ten years and two days older than her."

"Seventeen like me," Willow said happily.

"Yer seventeen? Aren't most kids in your class sixteen?"

"Yeah, but I missed the deadline by a week. I turned seventeen right after school started."

He though about that. For some reason, in his head, seventeen didn't sound nearly as bad as sixteen. Seventeen was practically eighteen, which was an adult.

"What's this?" she asked, pulling something out of the bottom of the shoebox. He took it and looked at it; it was a white gold ring with three diamonds, one large and two smaller on either side of it.

"It's – I'm gonna kill Mum for puttin' it in here, I told her to keep it for me. It's my gran's engagement ring, been in the family for generations. Goes to the oldest son to give to the girl he chooses to marry."

"And your mother put it in a shoebox!?"

He shrugged, "I told her to hold on to it but she seemed convinced I was gonna find the girl of m' dreams over here. She said I'd never come home to stay because I'd marry a girl from the states and settle over here."

"How did you come to be here anyway? In California, I mean?"

"Was on account of a girl, but not in the way you think. Best mate, name of Liam, got reeled in by a real pro, if ya know what I mean. He was determined to follow 'er to the ends of the earth. I tagged along to keep him from goin' 'round the bend. Darla really did a number on him. Git thought he was practically invincible for a while, got into some bad shit. But I held on. He finally met a girl, a nice girl, and settled down in San Diego. That's how I ended up here. Finished my master's at USC and got the job teachin' at Sunnydale."

"And you're still friends?"

"Oh yeah, spend most weekends with Liam and Dru and their girls. Not this weekend, though," he clarified. "Not if I can convince you to stay with me."

Willow stood and walked to the window. "Will, this is all going so fast and I – I don't want to get my heart broken. You might be used to this kind of intensity but I'm-"

"I've never asked a woman to stay before, Willow. Not stay the weekend, not stay the night. This-" he motioned between the two of them, "this talkin' and holdin' each other? I've never done this before, I've never-"

The phone rang and he was determined to ignore it but she said, "It might be important."

So he went and picked up the cordless phone and handed it to her. "You answer it then."

Not sure what the heck was going on, she pushed the button and said, "Hello? William Pratt's residence."

A voice said, "Sorry, I must have the wrong – Wait, did you say William Pratt's residence?"

"Yes," she answered. This guy sounded a little confused.

"Did Spike hire a maid?"

Willow looked at Will and whispered, "I thought you said only Dante and Jay called you Spike? Oh, and Dante's girlfriend?"

Spike just shrugged, he made no move to take the phone.

"No, he didn't hire a maid, that I know of," Willow clarified to the caller.

"Then who are you and why are you answering Spike's phone?"

Willow tried to get Spike to take it but he wouldn't. "Um, I'm his… um his stu-" she started to say student but that wouldn't sound good, him having a student in his house. Besides, Will yelled out, "Girlfriend" when she hesitated.

The voice laughed, "Come on, this is a joke, right? Put Spike on."

After another failed attempt, she confessed out of spite, "I would but he won't take the phone."

Spike called out to the phone, "Clem, this is Willow," as he turned and headed for the kitchen.

"Yeah, I'm Willow," she confirmed with a sigh.

"And you answered Spike's phone?"

It was mostly rhetorical but she answered it anyway.

"Yes, I answered Sp- I mean Will's phone."

"Will?" Clem laughed. "Okay, this joke's gone far enough. Tell Spike to get his ass on the phone or I'm coming over there!"

He'd said it loud enough and Will came running. Grabbing the phone, he growled, "Don't you dare, Clem! Leave me and my girl alone a while!"

Willow couldn't hear Clem's voice but Will's side of the conversation was very interesting.

"No, I didn't ask her if she plays pool."

"I'm not asking her that, I don't care." After a short pause he turned, held his hand over the phone and asked, "Do ya play pool, Love?"

She nodded. His smile beamed. "Yeah?"

"Yeah," she confirmed. "I'm not an expert, but I play."

Back into the phone he said, "Hear that? She plays pool!"

There was no talking on Will's side for a minute then, "I'm not telling ya, cuz its none of yer business."

"Yes, I met her at school."

"Well, I don't know yet."

"It's only the first day, Clem, you can't expect me ta say-"

"No, I haven't."

"Don't rightly know yet. Maybe." Short pause. "Probably." Another short pause. "I know I let her answer the phone! I'm the one that did it, ya git!"

He growled again. No words, just a growl. "Yes! Ya happy now? Yes. Now let me go, she's probably starvin'. I haven't fed her yet."

"Yeah, mate. Later." He hit the button to hang up. "That was Clem."

She grinned. "I gathered."

"Ya hungry?"

"A little bit, yeah."

He opened the refrigerator, then the freezer and then several of the cabinets.

"We could go out." Her face fell. "Yeah, prob'ly not a good idea. We could order in. What ya got a yen for, Love?" He smiled when she blushed. "Let's order first, then we'll work on that particular craving." He opened a drawer and pulled out take-out menus. "Thai? Chinese? Pizza? Tacos? Sandwiches?"

"Mm, egg salad sounds good."

He picked up the phone again. "Egg salad it is." Into the phone he said, "Roy? Hi, it's Spike. Yeah, let me have the usual and an egg salad on…" he hesitated and looked at Willow expectantly.

"Whole wheat with lettuce and tomatoes."

"Whole wheat with lettuce and tomatoes. What? Yeah, I know Clem's allergic to eggs. Its not for Clem." After a pause, "None of yer damn business, that's who its for. Now give us about…" he looked over to Willow and leered at her half-dressed state, "About thirty minutes should do it. See ya then."

He hung up the phone and pounced.

Willow ran for the bedroom, laughing.

He grabbed her shirt tail just before she hit the bedroom doorway. She turned to wriggle out of the shirt and ended up on her knees. That suited him fine but before he could join her on the floor she'd turned and her soft warm hands were on him and he was hardening at the exquisite contact.

The wiry hair tickled her hands but the skin of the thing itself was so smooth and soft. She hadn't really looked at it when they'd made love before. It really wasn't so scary up close. Kinda big – and getting bigger – but it seemed to like her touch. She remembered him tasting her on his desk and going on about how good she tasted. Did he taste the same? She didn't think it would be exactly the same because semen was made of different stuff than hers but when a glistening drop formed at the slit in the tip, she wanted a taste.

She closed her eyes and moved in to taste him. Just the tip of her tongue on the head was enough to make his knees weak and she smiled when he had to lean against the wall. She licked her lips and decided to try to make him feel as good as she'd felt when he tasted her. Her mouth took in the head and his hands moved in her hair, encouraging her. More of that fluid hit her tongue and it was exciting and nerve-wracking. She was terrified but she didn't want to stop.

Here she was, on her knees in Mr. Pratt's house with his… penis! in her mouth. And it was nice! He seemed to be enjoying the inexperienced sweeps of her tongue. More fluid on her tongue made her want to suck so she did and Will's hands gripped her hair and a low purr came from his throat that gave her a feeling a womanly pride. She'd done that! She had made him make that noise!

Wanting to continue to please him, she experimented a bit. She used her hands to caress his abdomen and his butt, she even let them lightly touch his balls. She knew guys didn't like to be kicked there; she didn't know if he'd like being touched there.

"Harder," he suggested and she rubbed a little harder. "Hard," he said again and he showed her by removing one hand from her hair and using it to grab his balls and pull on them. When she did the same, he grabbed some skin between two fingers and pinched and pulled. Much rougher than she would have expected but she wanted to please him and did likewise.

"Aaaaah, Willow," he crooned in appreciation then, "Move or swallow!" Panicked, she moved and he came in front of her face and it landed on her chest and legs. He slumped in exhaustion down to the floor next to her and then opened his eyes and saw her. Saw his cum covering her.

He smiled. "A very good look for you," he told her before grabbing her knees out from under her and letting her fall down onto her back on the carpet. He put a finger in the sticky substance on her breast and made a trail of it down her stomach. His other hand joined the first and Willow felt like a finger paint canvas.

The warmth of the cum and the warmth of his hands and the warmth in his eyes took away her whimsical mood. It was unbelievable that he could be this intimate with someone and then dump them a week later.

She shot to her feet. "I can't do this." She ran for the bedroom and her clothes.

"Willow?" he called, "What's wrong, Love?"

Just then, a knock sounded at the door. It was their dinner. Roy the delivery guy would know they were home so he wouldn't go away until Will answered it. He grabbed his wallet off the nightstand and left Willow to go answer the door. "Don't get dressed – don't – don't anythin', Love, I'll be right back and we can talk about it all right?"

Chapter 7

He buttoned his jeans and opened the door and was surprised to see one of his students standing there. "Percy?"

Willow, just about to walk out of the bedroom, froze.

"Hi, Mr. Pratt. Here's your sandwiches. Oh, and Roy said I was to find out who the dame was." Percy looked curiously around what he could see of the house. "Nice table." He started to walk in and get a better look at the table but Will's arm stopped him. "Not now Percy." He handed him a twenty. "Keep the change, all right? Just – just go. Now." He closed the door on Percy's foot then waited for it to move and closed it again. Locked it for good measure.

He dropped the bag of sandwiches on the pool table and ran for the bedroom.


She heard him coming and stilled her resolve. He deserved an answer. She was going, but he deserved to know why.

When he got to the bedroom, she was sitting on the bed, hands folded in her lap.


"I'm going home," she told him and she was amazed her voice hadn't shook. "You may be used to this, this being intimate with someone and then going your separate ways but I'm not. I can't do this. I can't spend the day with you and then go on tomorrow like nothing happened. I remember the rules; 'You go in a closet for seven minutes and during that time there are no rules, no repercussions, just doing what feels right and nothing else matters. At the end, you go your separate ways.' " She said it just as he had, word for word. Had he sounded that cold when he said it?

He smiled and sat on the floor at her feet, crossing his legs, and looked up at her with a smile. "Is that what's bothering you? You think I'm gonna use ya and toss ya?"

She shrugged; that meant yes.

"Willow, I have nev-" she was studying her shoes. "Willow look at me." She did. "I have never, before today, made love to a woman in this bed." She looked skeptical. "Never. Hell, I never bring them into my house. You heard Clem, he couldn't believe it when a woman answered the phone. I always go to their place, Willow – always. That way I can leave when I want to. I've never wanted them here, I liked my life and I  wanted to keep it the way it was. Hell, I don't even have any furniture." She was starting to soften.

"The first time I lay you down in this bed, do you know what I thought?"

She shook her head, too uncertain to form words.

"How very right you looked in it. I have never had a woman here, no one's ever seen these paintings in my bedroom but me. I've never told anyone about Uncle Lawrence and Aunt Richard, no woman's ever seen my grandmother's engagement ring. I think Cordelia and her rudeness just gave me the opening I needed to get close to you." He ran his fingers through his hair, frustrated.

"I don't know what's going to happen tomorrow, Willow. If you stay, I don't know what's going to happen with the school, or with yer parents, or with anything. But I know that I'll be lost if you walk out that door."

She looked convinced, but wary.

He stood and held out his hand, "Come here." She took it and he led her into the living room.

"If this doesn't convince you, nothing will." He lifted her by the waist and sat her on the pool table. "Nice, isn't it? Custom made. Imported slate, cherrywood, hand carved. The fabric alone is forty three dollars a yard." He moved to between her legs. Bent down for a kiss but right before his lips touched hers, he whispered, "And all I've wanted to do since you walked in here is make love to you on it."

His lips touched hers tentatively. He'd never been this nervous with a woman before. He'd been terrified she was going to leave but there was no way he could let her go. In just these few hours, she'd stolen his heart. His mum had been right.

She let him kiss her, but it wasn't until he climbed on the table with her that she started kissing him back. He was willing to ruin this beautiful table for her. Maybe he really did care.

His kiss and his touch soon brought her body to life and it wasn't long before they were both naked and he rolled on top of her, gently kissing her neck and her face.

"Say you're right," he whispered, "and this would only last a week. Then you've nothing to lose, right? No matter what you say or do, its not going to drive me away, because, according to you, I'm gonna to be gone in a few days anyway. So don't hold back, Love. Tell me what you think and what you feel. Tell the truth – all of it – because you've nothing to lose."

He took hold of her hands, entwining their fingers and entered her. He went slow, gentle but intense sensations making them both feel like they had transcended time and space; like their entire universe consisted only of them, joined together as one.

Unable to stop herself, she confessed, "I think I love you, Will. I didn't mean to, really I didn't. But I couldn't help it."

He kissed her eyelids. "I'm falling in love with you too, baby. Know I shouldn't, but what can I do? But you'll have to help me, because I've never been in love before, not like this."

"Me neither."

He smiled, "Then we'll fumble our way through together, shall we?"

Her body under his, her lips on his skin, it felt like the fate of the world resided only in the places where they were touching. And his cock, God, his cock was getting a happy that was screaming at him to chain her to his bed.

Her insides were tightening and he closed his eyes at the powerful pleasure of it. God, he'd never felt like this; never felt anything even close to this.

"You could make me jump through hoops, Love." There was nothing he wouldn't do for her. His body wanted to speed up his thrusts but his heart was happy taking his time, drawing out the sensations of feeling the slick slide of his cock inside of her as he moved.

She was looking at him, at his face, and it brought a new element to this that was unbelievably erotic. She was there, in that moment with him. In this magical place that they had created, where more than just bodies joined.

Her insides fluttered around him and he was gone. Her climax triggered his and that amazing feeling of connection, of belonging somewhere, sustained it until they were panting and gasping and unable to breathe. There was a good reason why it was called 'the little death'.

He rolled to her side and she turned to face him. Breathing back under control she asked, "Did you mean all that or was it just a line? Don't lie to me, Will, please," she begged.

There was nothing he could say that would convince her - except maybe, "This table cost five months salary. Wanna see the receipt?"

She laughed and her eyes sparkled. He had her. And whatever it took, he wasn't letting her go. He had about twelve more hours to convince her to want to stay.

Chapter 8

"So your mom is a painter?" Willow asked. They'd eaten their sandwiches and taken showers, separately. Will had his first and when she finished hers she found him lying on his bed, naked to the waist at least, that was as far as she could see since he was reclining and covered part way by the blanket. Not knowing if she was supposed to join him, she said the first thing that popped into her mind.

He turned his head slowly, seeming to consider her question. But when he looked at her, he didn't answer it.

"Do you know how beautiful you are?" he asked and she blushed. He held out his hand to her and she walked to the bed and took it. He pulled the covers back and she, without dropping the towel, crawled in next to him. He held her and kissed the top of her head. "I don't just mean outside. I've been a lot of places Willow, I've traveled all over the world and people- people are not nice. They can be very selfish and mean-spirited and it shows on their faces. But you, you care for everyone and make excuses for them and still go on being wonderful. I don't know what I'd do if my mum had abandoned me and left me to raise myself. I think I would have ended up in prison. But not you; you get straight A's and help Xander Harris pass most of his classes and do anything the teachers or students ask you to. You go on, without sinking to their level. I'm ashamed to say I noticed your beauty inside before I noticed the outside." He laughed, "And now that I've seen all of the outside, I feel like such a fool."

She didn't answer him, didn't say anything. He'd thought maybe she was asleep until he felt wetness on his chest.

"What is it, Love?"

She hiccupped and answered, "No-nobody's ever- ever said that before. About me. Nobody's ever seen me the way you do."

He held her and made comforting noises until she stopped crying. When she finally did, she sat up and said, "Can I try?"

He raised an eyebrow, wondering what she was up to. She looked at him, considering. She thought of all the things he'd ever said to her and the way he acted around other people.

"You know you're beautiful on the outside and that's let you get away with a lot you shouldn't have gotten away with, am I right?"

He shrugged, "Well, I wouldn't have used the word 'beautiful'" he smiled and teased, "But I've no objection to you using it if ya want to."

She seemed to consider her next words and he reminded her, "Nothing to lose, Willow, remember? If I've already made up my mind ta use you and lose you, you might as well lay it all on the line."

"I think you're in love with your friend Liam's wife," she blurted out.

His eyes got huge and his skin paled but he didn't say anything.

"Just the way you said her name, Dru, was it? I think that's why you don't let women get close to you. I think no other woman but her is going to do." He raised a slightly menacing eyebrow, so she amended, "Or me, if this thing between us is what I hope it is, I mean, what you say it is."

She waited, but all he said was, "Go on."

"I think your parents were very happily married but since you don't talk about your dad, I get the feeling he died. I think your mom was heartbroken and you don't want to do that to someone. I think being in love with your best friend's wife gives you the perfect excuse not to get close to someone and have to put anyone through that heartache." She stopped, thinking maybe she'd gone too far, but he just sat there, looking resigned to letting her talk.

"I think maybe you've grown up since you've been here though. Here in Sunnydale, I mean. And maybe you're rethinking the whole "not getting close" thing. Maybe you see your friend's children and want some of your own, maybe you have your own biological clock. Maybe you're lonely or tired of wanting someone you can never have. I think-"

She stopped and looked at him, eyes widening as if some strange thought had just occurred to her. "Oh my god. I think you had an affair with Dru and it ended when she wouldn't leave her husband. I think you've been looking for somebody safe who wouldn't hurt you."

He was sitting up and his face was in his hands. She put a hand on his back but he pulled away from her. Stung, she asked, "How close was I?"

Several deep breaths later, he said, "My father left Mum when she was pregnant with Sasha. Said she'd lost her looks and he'd found someone new. Turns out he'd had an affair while she was carryin' me as well.

"Do you want to know why I fell in love with Drusilla?" He huffed. "One of life's little ironies. I fell in love with her while she pregnant. She looked so… effulgent. Beautiful. I couldn't figure out what the hell my father'd been talking about. Dru glowed like the sun. But I'd never ask her to leave Liam. I'd never do to Liam what my father did to Mum-" He broke off.

"What?" Willow asked, noticing an abrupt change in his countenance.

He smiled. A real, genuine, weight lifted from his heart kind of smile. "It doesn't hurt. For the first time in… way too long. It doesn't hurt thinkin' 'bout Dru. I love her, yeah, I think I always will but… not like that. Not anymore." He looked up at Willow, who looked like she was going to cry.

"Come 'ere, Love," he whispered, pulling her into his arms. "A lot of what you said is true; hell, most of it is true and I don't know how the hell you knew all that. But… one thing that was wrong. I wasn't lookin' for anyone, Love. I wasn't lookin' for a lover or a friend or anyone. I'd been resigned to spendin' my life alone. Much as I would like children someday, much as I would love to have a woman here in my bed and in my life. But I'd thought my chance for that was gone. I thought Dru had been – but, and I will swear this is true, Willow, I never felt anything near for her what I feel when I hold you in my arms. I don't know why I propositioned you today like I did. I haven't planned to, I hadn't even contemplated getting' involved with a student. The most I'd ever thought about you before today was to envy the lucky bloke who'd one day catch you."

He tilted her face up to his and kissed her. "Had no idea that lucky bloke would be me." He kissed her again, intending to be sweet and gentle but that heat and chemistry that fired between them flared even higher. And Willow was fisting her hands in his hair and he felt the passion she'd kept so carefully in check finally start to become unleashed.

She was kissing back just as fiercely, exploring his mouth, learning its curves and texture. "Please," she begged, still too inexperienced to know exactly what it was she wanted. He pulled her on top of him and brought her chest up to his mouth. His tongue laved one soft bud and then the other. He suckled each breast in turn, enjoying the feel of her skin as it heated at his attentions. There must be something to that old wives tale about babies who aren't breast fed wanting to make up for it later in life because this was damn near heaven.

Willow squirmed and moaned and cooed. After a while, she figured out how to get what she really wanted and pulled back onto her knees and, using her hand to guide his cock, sat back, filling herself with him.

It was incredible. So different from when he was on top. She experimented and moved and was shocked when Will bit his lip to keep from crying out. She grinned wickedly.

"I told you, Love. You have all the power. It's whatever you want, however you want it."

She spent over an hour exploring that power. She sat up and leaned down and twisted this way and that. She let him suckle her breasts while she rode him and she sat up and fingered her clit while he watched with unadulterated lust in his eyes. She really did have power. Great power. The power to take Will to the heights of ecstasy and the power to stop - and deny him that release. He was at her mercy and it gave her such a tremendous high she felt like she was drunk. When she couldn't take it anymore herself, she placed her hands on his chest, sat up and rode him hard until they both screamed so loud she thought they'd wake the neighbors.

Chapter 9

One romantic, candlelit bath –for two- later, they were back in the kitchen with the munchies. Will had broken out the wine with the bag of Doritos while they talked about themselves. Willow told him about Xander and Jesse and he told her about Liam and Clem. It seemed odd to him that she'd never had any close friends who were female but she shrugged it off, not thinking it was strange at all. He tried to convince her to come to San Diego with him the following weekend, but she had no desire to meet the infamous Dru. And she was terribly afraid of what his friends would think when he showed up with a seventeen year old girl and introduced her as his girlfriend.

"I'll tell them yer my student and I'm giving you very intense tutoring," he teased. "And bollocks to 'em if they have a problem with my tutoring taking place in a bed."

She laughed and declined, saying that she really wouldn't be comfortable.

"Love, I told you I want you in my life, for a very long time, warts and all. I get that you don't believe me yet, given m' history, but I meant what I said. Liam is m' oldest friend, but if you don't go, I don't go either."

"I don't want to love you," she argued, overwhelmed by his words. This was too much, too soon. "It's too hard, too complicated. It can't work, Will, can't you see that?" She was throwing away the best man she'd ever met, but she was too afraid to take a chance. She closed her argument with, "You could be fired."

He took his time pouring another glass of wine for each of them. "Not if you get out. Not if you take the California High School Proficiency Exam and go early enrollment into college. It doesn't have to be UC Sunnydale, I know you're smarter than that, you can do better. But I'll follow you anywhere, Willow; I'll get another job anywhere you decide to enroll. I'm not a bad teacher you know; I've got a first-class education. I can teach anywhere."

He meant it. She could see that he meant it. But there was one thing holding her back. It was a silly little thing and really way too soon to expect him to say it.

"I love you, Willow."

"I love you too, Will, you know I do but-"

But I'm a traditional girl. And you're ten years older than me. And not Jewish. And there is only one way my parents will not kill me when I introduce you to them as my boyfriend. And it doesn't involve 'We'll see how it goes'.

"Can't we just have fun, Will? Do we have to make promises? If this goes on past tonight then okay, but maybe you won't want me next week, or next month. Maybe I won't want you. Can't we just take this day by day, just as it is and not try to divine a possible future out of it? Can't we just be together today and let tomorrow take care of itself? I'm seventeen years old, Will. I just want to have fun, okay? For God's sake, you want me to change my life based on a whim you had this morning!"

And you don't love me enough to say you might want to marry me someday.

His jaw tightened and he gulped down the full glass of wine. "Fun? You want to have fun? Great, let's go have some fun." He grabbed her arm and hauled her up and led her to the pool table.

He stood her in front of it then pushed her chest down to the table and thrust his cock in her from behind. He grabbed her wrists and held her arms to the table. Putting his feet on the inside of hers made her virtually immobile. But his movements inside of her were tender. His front contoured to her spine and his breath was on the back of her neck. He took gentle nibbling bites from her shoulder and neck. "Is this the kind of fun you mean, baby?" He purred in her ear. He made long lazy strokes inside her that were bringing on even newer sensations. "The kind of fun where I fuck you for hours on end? The kind of fun that has an edge to it because you've made me so mad I can't see straight?"

His hands slid from her wrists to her shoulders and back down again. Taking her fingers between his, he kissed from her shoulder to her cheek. "I love you, Willow. I love you like I've never loved anything in my life. And I know you're holding back and I don't know why. I want you to be the first thing I see every morning and the last thing I taste every night. I know its too fast and I have more I want to say to you but I'm afraid of scaring you off."

That indescribable feeling he got whenever they came together was taking him over and he couldn't talk any more. He felt her tighten, but he couldn't hold off and whispered her name as he exploded inside her. As he passed the peak, he felt the end of her orgasm wash through her.

They stayed there for a few minutes, coming back down to earth. "I'm gonna follow my own advice, Love. If all you're gonna give me is a few days, I'm gonna let you have it all, okay? Everything I'm thinking and feeling." She nodded, too weak to do more. He stood, went to the kitchen and got their glasses of wine and returned, letting her wet her dry throat. They returned to the kitchen in silence and cleaned up the mess from their snack.

Willow didn't know what to say, so she didn't say anything. Why couldn't she just leave well enough alone? Why did she have to have it all right now?

That was easy. Because there was too much at stake to chance it on a whim. Because they had too much to lose if they got caught to play with "maybe". Because he was twenty-seven and her teacher and had a history of not committing himself to anyone except a woman he knew he couldn't have. Because she wasn't willing to throw her life away to be the rebound girl.

She'd never been indecisive. She always knew what she wanted and she worked hard for it. She might be impulsive sometimes but she wasn't wishy-washy in her desires. If a thing felt right, that was it. And she'd never yet fought for something only to achieve it and decide it wasn't worth the effort. She didn't have many goals or desires, she picked them carefully. But she wanted Will. The only problem with this goal is that whether or not she attained it wasn't completely up to her. And without some kind of chance on a "happily-ever-after", or even the possibility of one, she wasn't going to drop out of school and maybe throw her life away. She was too careful for that.

But she was here, now, and she couldn't really say she regretted that decision. She'd learned a lot today. About Will and about love and about sex, but mostly about herself. He'd been telling the truth from the beginning; she did have power greater than she realized. And she was so much better of a person than the way she'd allowed herself to be treated up until now. It was a shame that Will was the first one to have to pay for her newfound self-esteem. Because she wasn't going to be thrown around by someone else's whim any more, not even his.

She'd stay the night. It would kill her to see him in class every day and know she couldn't touch him anymore, but she was going to see it through tonight. If only to thank him for everything he'd given her.

"Take off yer shirt."

She turned from the sink to see Will leering at her and that sexy smirk made her insides hum. She unbuttoned the shirt and let it drop to the floor.

"Want to see you with no clothes on," he told her, determined to get the most out of these last few hours she gave him. He lifted her by the waist until her naked arse was sitting on his counter. "How would you feel about playing 'sexy nurse and the feverish, horny patient'?" he asked as he came closer and stood between her spread knees.

He'd decided to be playful; that was fine with her, it would make everything easier.

"Um," she teased, "My nurse's stockings are still in your desk at school."

He leered and his eyes rolled back in his head, "That desk. God, I wanna shag you ta death on that desk. Nearly killed me seein' you sittin' there in that sweet little outfit." He turned his head and looked in the direction of his bedroom, considering something. Picking her up with her legs around his waist, he told her "Come on, got an idea."

He stood her on the floor right inside the bedroom doorway and then went and sat in the chair, holding her little plaid dress in his hand.

"Baby, would you do something for me?"


"Put the dress on."

Willow looked at the plaid dress her mother had gotten for her that made her look like a little schoolgirl. Will really wanted her to put that on? Why?


She smiled and took it from him then she slowly lifted it and pulled it on over her naked body. It was a little itchy but this would be worth it.

She pretended to be very shy as she dropped her face and, looking at Will through only the tips of her eyelashes, she said quietly, "Mr. Pratt, please don't be mad at me but my dog ate my homework." She twisted the hem of her skirt around one finger and Will sat up grinning.

"I know you said it was a very important assignment, Mr. Pratt," she went on. "Is there anything I can do to make it up?"

She lifted her head just enough to get a good look as he tried to compose his face into a serious expression, but his cock was jumping in his jeans and it was difficult for him to sit up comfortably. She bit her tongue to keep from laughing.

"Well, Miss Rosenberg, I don't know. That assignment was going to count considerably toward your semester grade. Whatever you do will have to be something extra special."

Willow was getting into this game. "How about if I just-" she walked over to him and unbuttoned his jeans and he obligingly lifted his hips so she could pull the jeans down and off. She turned and lifted her skirt in the back. "I'll sit down right here and we'll see if we can think of something." Very slowly, she lowered herself onto his erection. She was still amazed at how incredible it felt to have him fill her like this, like a piece she hadn't known was missing was finally back where it was supposed to be.

As she squirmed down and took him deeper, she sighed. "Oh, Wi- Mr. Pratt! Your big, hard cock slipped inside me and it feels so-o-o-o good." She spread her legs for better balance and leaned back into his embrace.

"God, Willow, make me feel… I'm goin' ta Hell, I know I am, but I don't care. Fuck, baby, I wish I could give ya grades for this." One arm wrapped around her waist as his other hand caressed her thigh and then slid between her pussy lips to find her clit. Willow moaned.

"I'll tell you what, Miss Rosenberg," he said, getting back into his part. Or maybe not because he meant every word. "I believe I will accept this as partial makeup for your assignment." Willow bounced slightly in his lap and he bit the inside of his cheek to keep from screaming. He pinched her clit in retaliation.

"I will give you an A in my grade book every time you spread your legs for me and let me let me shag you while on school grounds."

"Mmmmmm," she agreed. Having sex on school property was so forbidden – exciting. And with Will? The thought made her breath catch.

Will watched her chest rise as her breath became more laboured. She was getting off on this as much as he was.

"You also get an A whenever you lay yourself on my desk and beg me to lick your pussy."

"I – I – I have to beg?" she asked as his arm around her waist raised and lowered her, his body slipping in and out of hers. She was so wet for him.

"Is begging so bad, baby? Here, I'll show you how its done. Pay attention." He used one hand to move her hair off her neck and pulled the sensitive skin at the nape into his mouth.

"Need you so bad, Love. Need to be inside you, need to fill you and fuck you and come deep inside you. Let me in, baby, please. Can't live without you. Need you in my bed, in my life. Want you, baby. Want you forever. Want you to be mine, Willow."

He turned her around so she was facing him, but he was still inside her. His voice turned serious and she continued to rock gently on him.

"Fantasized about this. About you riding me wearing your little girl dress and calling me Mr. Pratt. Love to be with you, be in you. Want you to be only mine, me be only yours. Want to take care of you. Want you to go for early entry into college so you won't be my student and we can be together out in the open."

She'd been riding him and her tight body was squeezing him into incoherence.

"I'm begging you, baby. I need you so bad. I think I could love you for the rest of my life. Please, baby, say yes. Say you'll have me. Marry me, Love."

Willow was crying and she couldn't stop. This sweet, funny, intelligent, GORGEOUS man loved her and wanted her. For real and for always. She threw her head back and came, screaming and laughing and crying all at the same time.

"Yes," she whispered after she had fallen exhausted onto his chest.

"Yes?" he asked incredulous. "You'll do it, you'll ta-"

"Yes, I'll beg you to lick my pussy," she teased with a giggle. "The rest? Well, I'll have to talk to my parents about the college part."

He held his breath. "And the rest? The part about us? Me?"

She put her elbows on his chest and rested her head on her hands. "I'll give you a trial run. If you do a good job, I might see my way to letting you stay on permanently." Her grin belied the seriousness of her tone.

He grinned back and his overworked cock stirred back to life inside her.

He pulled the schoolgirl dress over her head and asked, "Is it too early to start calling you Mrs. Pratt?"

chapter 10

Students were calling other students out to the front of the school when Willow Rosenberg arrived for school the next day. The secretaries rushed to the window as a big black motorcycle pulled up with a roar. The driver, completely unidentifiable covered as he was from helmet to boots in black, held out a hand to help the girl in the skin tight blue jeans and sexy white gauze blouse off the back of the bike. When she took off the helmet, the entire populace of the school gasped.

The chick with the hot bod pulled off her helmet and shook out her long red hair. It landed in a sexy tousle around her shoulders. She leaned in and touched her forehead to the forehead of the helmet of the driver and smiled a smile that left no one in doubt about exactly what their relationship was.

And when he patted her butt and sent her on her way up the front walkway, no one, especially not Miss Cordelia Chase, missed the antique diamond ring on the ring finger of her left hand.

Willow didn't even notice them as she started the first day of the rest of her life.

The End, Almost


The entire class was watching the clock, even the teacher. Thirteen minutes to go. It was the last day of classes before summer break and Mr. Pratt paced and looked very nervous, something that worried his students. Only Xander Harris seemed not to notice or care.

He was worried. So much had happened in the last four months. Willow had gotten her CHSPE and passed her entrance exams to Berkeley. When her parents objected to her not finishing high school, he'd helped obtain her emancipation from her too-busy-to-be-bothered-with-a-daughter parents. The students had wondered about the disappearance of Willow Rosenberg for about two weeks and then other gossip took over their minds. So many changes for them both. And now the trip. Oh, and his new job. Maybe he'd better tell the class.

Cordelia finally couldn't stand it anymore. "Is something wrong, Mr. Pratt?"

Just the opening he was looking for. "As a matter of fact, I have something to tell you all. I won't be back in September. I've taken a job at Berkeley as Professor of Renaissance Literature." The class made their disappoint known. But he only smiled. "And I'm getting married. Matter of fact, I'm waiting for my fiancée now. We're flying to England and getting married there."

Some faces seemed happy for him, some disappointed, some downright stunned.

"But Mr. Pratt-" Cordelia Chase began only to be interrupted when the doorknob turned.

"Here she is now," he told them, rising to greet her. They couldn't see who the lucky woman was but they could see Mr. Pratt's back and his posture as he took her in his arms and gave her an obviously enthusiastic kiss.

A groan sounded from the general direction of Xander Harris. "Willow!" he groaned, "You promised you wouldn't make me watch that anymore!" Eyes widened to discus proportions when a giggle sounded from behind Mr. Pratt then Willow Rosenberg's face popped out, covered in a very becoming blush.

"I promised we wouldn't kiss on the plane, Xander. Until then, you're just gonna have to deal." She let go of Will and walked into the room filled with her former classmates. As much as she tried to avoid looking, she couldn't help loving the horror plastered across Cordelia's face. At Xander's desk, she said to her oldest friend, "We're going to stop off and get your bag then head right for the airport. We're meeting Clem, Liam, Dru and the girls at the main entrance. It's going to take forever to get through security."

Will walked up and wrapped his arms around her from behind. There was no doubt they were very much in love. Which pissed off Cordelia to no end. "The whelp stashed his duffel in my supply closet this morning, Love. We're all set."

Willow walked over and sat in Will's chair. They'd had many fine adventures on this desk since she'd stopped being his student. She was going to miss it.

"Do you think they'd let us buy this desk, Spike?" she asked her fiancé. He smiled, "Can't hurt to ask, Love." Cordelia couldn't help but notice that the engagement ring on Willow's finger was the exact same diamond ring she'd worn to school that day the hot guy on the motorcycle brought her- "That was Mr. Pratt!" she yelled in comprehension.

The bell rang dismissing the class, but many of them didn't move.

"Go!" Mr. Pratt yelled at them. "I've got to go and I can't go til you do!" Cordelia was the last to leave and she turned one last time to see Xander disappear into the closet and an admittedly very sexy Willow Rosenberg kiss her soon-to-be husband.

The End